Work With Me


I’m an intuitive who combines

intuition, energy alchemy & serious business savvy

to transform lives & businesses.



There are several ways for us to work together and

there is a methodology at the core of everything I do.

The level of soul and connection I create with my clients lays the foundation for

magic and miracles.

It’s the energy that provides the warm fertile ground for the

soul to reveal its’ path and dreams to come to fruition.

Here it is.


When you work with me we go soul to soul.

Heart to heart.

You are seen.  You are heard.  You are loved.



And so, our journey together begins with the truth…

What got you here, will not get you where you want to go.


In fact, it could be the very thing blocking you from having what you truly desire.

It’s what’s keeping you from your next phase of growth in life, love and business.

Your life, exactly the way it is right now, with the ups and downs, the good and bad…

is a direct reflection of what’s going on inside you.


It’s all connected…

It’s our map to get you where you want to go…

To partner with what I call your soul-self,

and finally create a life & business

that’s beautifully aligned, flows and flourishes and

supports and nurtures what you value.

A life that deepens and grows in harmony with your heart.



As your mentor, I use intuition and energy in a grounded, soul-full, wholehearted way to guide and support you.

With this guidance you have the inner power to:

::  Reveal the old, worn out limiting beliefs, ways of thinking and stories you’ve been             carrying around like ratty, old luggage – i.e.  Baggage.  Literally.

::  Transform patterns of behavior resulting from these limiting beliefs that are blocking       you from living a life that flows and flourishes.

::  Go from striving to thriving as you invite abundance and prosperity, support and               guidance into your life in a way you’ve never experienced before.

::  Uncover long held, sometimes ancient, patterns of belief and behavior around money.       Clear stagnate energies and free yourself from family legacies that are blocking you         from truly thriving.


Who Are My Clients?

First off, what you must know about me is that

I dearly love my clients and am invested in their creation of

a life they love at the soul level.


 My clients are ready to live and lead on their own terms and are

deeply committed to transforming their lives.

They’re tired of feeling stuck, frustrated, lost and off purpose.

They long for fresh, inspired energy in their lives.

They’re ready to explore and play with Universal energies to

vision, create and manifest in profound and delightful ways.

They’re tired of the status quo and eager to lead a more gratifying, fulfilled life.

My clients commit to working with me because they are DONE with life the way it is.

They are ready for Joy, Magic and Miracles.



Mentoring Tiers


Single Session:  US $700

Confusion to Clarity.  What you need to know when you need to know it.

This is a single, 60 minute phone session where you and I dive deep on a specific area or issue you are needing guidance, clarity and direction on.

Here, we feel into the energetics of both the situation and players to tap into the unseen, gain insights and awareness to information needed to explore a full range of options.  From this clarity, you are able to confidently make decisions and create a powerful map of soul-aligned actions to move you forward.

Contact me at to book a session.


Package of 2 Single Sessions:  US $1000

Contact me at to book your package of 2 sessions.


VIP Virtual Intensive:  US $4500

Deep Insight, Revolutionary Awareness, Soul-Aligned Action & Rapid Momentum.

This is an intense, half-day immersion that includes a 45-minute soul session prior and a 45-minute follow up session within 30 days of our Virtual Intensive.

The only other time I am available for this amount of consecutive 1:1 time is during one of my exclusive Private VIP retreats.

This intensive is best used when you have something right in front of you that needs to be acted on quickly.  Awareness, Strategy, Action and Momentum.

This format can be a powerful and effective way to ramp up for a new project, confidently change direction and create momentum or start something new and take significant action to create rapid results.

Contact me at to learn more and apply for your VIP Virtual Intensive


90 Day VIP Kickstart:  US $6500

Rapid Momentum.  Soul-seeded Vision, Strategy & Action.

This is an intense, kickstart program for those who are deeply committed to clearing and taking action to create rapid transformation and results.

In this program, you receive abundant support and personal attention from me.  We will have nine, hour long sessions together as well as a Virtual Intensive to kick us off.

We begin with the Virtual Intensive to create a solid foundation and productive container to grow from.  In between sessions, I offer both email and energetic support to fortify the container we’re creating for you and your businesses’ rapid growth and transformation.

This is incredibly valuable for the person who has something specific to accomplish, knows they need support to make it happen and is ready to dig in and dig deep to get it done.

Contact me at to learn more and apply for your 90 Day VIP Kickstart.


6 Month Immersion:  US $7500

This is a six-month mentoring immersion containing 12 hour long sessions.

In this immersion you receive six months of consistent, nourishing support where you are seen and heard and loved.  We reveal and honor both your gifts and desires, which partner hand in hand to create magic and miracles in your life.

This is the work that sets you free and creates a solid foundation to grow and flourish in life and business.

When you learn to develop and trust your intuition and inner wisdom, your life experiences a magical kind of flow – I liken it to grace and ease.  You go with life and life loves and supports you back.  You begin to notice more and more divine synchronicities.

You have a new perspective and awareness of old, sabotaging thinking and behaviors – lower energies and patterns – that have been keeping you from fully embracing and experiencing joy and success in life, love and business.  I love this work.

Contact me at to learn more and apply for your six-month immersion.


Private, In Person 3 Day Retreat:  US $15,000

Luxurious.  Soul Nourishing.  Rejuvenation.  Divine Inspiration & Guidance.

This is the ultimate retreat and is customized specifically to you.  Here you and I have the opportunity to be face to face, heart to heart, soul to soul in beautiful Ashland, OR.

For three days you and I get to play and create together.

Prepare to clear, create, vision, play with energy and other realms.  We will have deep conversation with your angels and open ourselves up to see what Spirit has to say.

Divine synchronicities and insights abound.  A new level of trust emerges.  Your soul-self is welcomed into our space and invited to speak.  Gifts are revealed.  You inner knowing is acknowledged and validated.

The energy these three days creates is teeming with magic and miracles and connection and flow.

I am always profoundly grateful for the miracle of life after these retreats.

Contact me at to learn more and apply for your customized Private, In Person 3-Day Retreat.

Coming Soon…

Retreats, Workshops, Gifts & My Signature Group Program




A Personal Note (from me to you)



I have been deep in creation for months now.

Giving myself space to feel, to connect within and see what’s new inside that’s ready and longing to emerge.

And I am So.  Excited!

I absolutely LOVE what I have in store for you.  It is life changing, soul nourishing brilliance!

More importantly, it comes from the deepest, sweetest place in my heart.  I let my soul whisper in my ear and I listened.

It’s coming soon.  So soon.

I can’t wait to share with you.

All my love,



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