Love Letters


I’m so appreciative of you, I can’t explain how much this means to me.


Dear Kelly, I just could not go to sleep without thanking for today.  You were TRULY wonderful with me.  I really do not think I could have completed that day without you and your support of me. 

You listened to me at the breaks and let me down load in such a way that I could free myself up.  You were incredible with me.  

Really.  Thank you so very much.  You completely empowered me and you were being such a powerful partner.  Wow!!!  I am so grateful. 

Love, love, love you and appreciate you so much, Randy

Randy M.

San Rafael, CA


Kelly had the unenviable task of keeping the leadership of a dynamic and rapidly evolving start up company coordinated and informed. She somehow managed to do this despite everything we threw at her.

She was also leading the support staff through a myriad of changes, which she did with a confident and inclusive leadership style. Kelly was often the first impression for investors and technology partner, and she always instilled them with confidence in our team.

Her professionalism, work ethic, leadership, and confident personality allowed her to make a contribution throughout the organization. I greatly enjoyed working with Kelly and wish I had her help today.

Daniel Boss



I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I have fallen in love with life.


Oh my God, I had no idea I would get this much out of our sessions.  Tremendous.  Thank you, Kelly.  Wow.  Thank you for your gifts and personalized care and attention.  I’m so appreciative of you, I can’t explain how much this means to me.  I’m so blessed I met you.  Thank you.

Amy V.

Santa Cruz, CA


Kelly provided me with the guidance, connection and support I needed to connect back to myself and my body after losing over 100lbs.  Negative self talk filled my days and tainted all my experiences and accomplishments.  I felt polluted physically, mentally and emotionally.

In Kelly, I feel like I have finally found someone who was guiding me to have my body and mind catch up to my soul.  To connect, to feel and to appreciate.  I can honestly say that I am truly learning to love and embrace myself like never before.

I am learning and loving seeing just how sweet and easy life can be when you are in ‘the flow’, as Kelly calls it.  She is a mentor that provides encouragement, tools, love and support to accomplish whatever you want.  Now, I can’t get enough of my life – or our sessions!  I see and feel my greater self emerging every day.

Everything I have learned along this journey with Kelly and am continuing to learn has impacted my life in ways I can’t believe.  I did not believe this is the life that was meant for me.  But I am living this life and I am loving it!  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I have fallen in love with life.

Violeta Alanis

Santa Barbara, CA


You have a gift.  A most amazing gift.


I have thought so much about our sessions. You have a gift.  A most amazing gift.  I have so much to think about- and it is all good.  You are a blessing!

Kelly Frances

Seattle, WA


Kelly, thank you so much!  I really needed to hear this.  Our session was spot on.  I had goosebumps!  And I love your communication style… you are so articulate, just lovely!  Mad skills, Kelly!

Jane K

Boston, MA


I immediately felt a sense of relief and safety


Kelly, I am still in awe with how spot on our session was. It was amazing and you are super talented! All I must say is a BIG HUGE THANK YOU!  I really LOVED your voice and you talking through what you were receiving. You are a natural.  Wow, that was just BRILLIANT ;).  Thank you!

Jen M.

Lomita, CA


Dear Kelly, thank you so very much for our session.  I’m so glad we connected.  I immediately felt a sense of relief and safety, where as before I was fearful, worried and apprehensive.  You listened with heart to my fears and concerns, led me towards a new perspective and confirmed I was on the right path.

The interview I had after our session went amazingly well!  I truly look at it as one of my very best interviews.  Because of your mentoring, I was natural, fun and engaging; there was laughter and excitement both on my part and on the interviewers.

I will take your guidance and encouragement on my continued journey.  Thank you!

Gail Kauffman

Learning & Development Professional, San Jose, CA


 I appreciate how inspiring you are to me.  Truly, a great role model.


Dear Kelly, I got so much out of our session today, thank you.  You are really helping me to be free to open up and share myself with my audience.  All new, after all these years.  You’re also helping me understand the language I can use to attract my perfect clients.  I appreciate how inspiring you are to me.  Truly, a great role model.  Thank you!

Marti Elvebak

San Jose, CA